Emery Design Associates provides full-service residential design, renovation, styling and home staging services. From consultation to completion, Deborah will personally manage all aspects of your project along with the support of her highly skilled team of architects, contractors, fabricators vendors and art dealers. Renovation – We design and manage your residential renovation project from start to finish. We provide architectural plans, coordinate and guide the contractor bidding process, and procure necessary approvals and permits. We also select materials and manage construction in order to bring your project to successful completion - on time and on budget.  
Design – We create floor plans and color schemes for new or existing homes. This includes the selection, purchase and installation of furniture, upholstery, lighting, cabinetry, and wall coverings in addition to window treatments, floor coverings, art and accessories.  We also design and work with fabricators to create custom furniture to fit a client's particular needs and desires. Styling – We select and artfully place decorative objects, accessories, artwork and other finishing touches in your home to elevate each space. Staging – We edit existing furnishings and add additional pieces and accessories to create a clean and appealing canvas that will entice prospective buyers as they envision themselves living there.


All client projects begin with a phone consultation with Deborah followed by a complimentary first appointment at the job site. From there, Deborah utilizes a fee-based, two-phase approach in working with her clients. During Phase I, Deborah compiles a complete scope of work, which includes floor plans and an itemized three-tier budget (ready-made, custom or a combination of both) to give her clients the information they need to fully understand the project’s proposed costs and to make certain it aligns with their budget. Throughout this initial phase, Deborah charges an hourly fee to compile the budget and plans. Phase I is critical to the success of the project. It sets the tone of the partnership she develops with the clients and helps her understand their priorities. Based on Phase I, clients decide how to move forward into Phase II, which is the design, approvals, construction, and fabrication phase.  Once Deborah understands which part(s) of the plan, and what type of materials her clients would like to work with, she can provide an estimate for Phase II. During Phase II, Deborah personally manages all projects with the support of her long-established team of experts.